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Summer holidays are ahead of us. This is the perfect time to plan a trip: If you do not want to drive so many kilometers with your family car, or if you are flying and need some transportation when you arrive at your destination, renting a car is the perfect solution for you.

Trips almost always involve good and bad surprises. If you rent a car, the most likely surprise to occur is when you are at the counter to pick up your rental car, and you notice that it is not the same car that you have booked!

Most car rental companies websites cannot guarantee an exact car brand or model. Hence, they use the notion « or similar ». Pictures of cars and descriptions on their websites are just examples. They put different brands under the same category. However, they display the best car in its class and add the words « or similar » or « or equivalent »on the website.

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Thus, on delivery, the actual rental car you get will be the « similar » car, and cannot be identical to the one shown.

It is really frustrating to spend so much time choosing the car you want to travel with, and  you end up with another at the end! Volkswagen is not a Renault and Skoda is not a Hyundai. Everyone has their tastes and preferences.

At Abid Cars, there is no « or similar »!

The car hire company Abid Cars perceives that two vehicles are never similar. This means that the car delivered is exactly the booked one, not « or similar ».

Enjoy your holidays in Morocco, exactly as you have planned. With Abid Cars, you will never have a car that does not match the one you have booked. You will always be sure to get the same car you have chosen. Forget about this problem that may ruin the trip you have been impatiently waiting for.

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