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Car Hire in Casablanca

TEL. +212 6 61 09 47 46
MOB. +212 6 61 19 03 31
FAX. +212 6 61 09 47 46

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  • 300m from the train station Casa Port
  • 2 steps of: Royal Mansour Meridian, Hotel Diwan, Oum Palace ..
  • 35min from Mohammed V Airport (Casablanca Nouas


The White City, economic heart of the kingdom

Casablanca or dar al bida (white house ) is the economic capital of Morocco , Casablanca is considered the largest city in the country with 3,269,962 inhabitants .
Casablanca is a living city , a city of commerce , trade and contact .
If you have rented a car in Casablanca , pay attention to traffic. it runs very quickly.
Use taxis instead of rental cars if you do not have to leave the city of Casablanca.

Casablanca has an oceanic climate. The temperature differences are smaller between winter and summer ( 12 ° C to 27 ° C day)

Casablanca impresses with its wealth and culture, historical monuments (The Hassan II Mosque, Ancient Medina, ...) make Casablanca a tourist destination of choice, diversity mark your travel with beautiful memories.

Car Hire in Casablanca

The rental agency car in Casablanca offers a wide range of car hire , equipped , maintained, and less than one year old.
Our fleet of rental car in Casablanca has been carefully chosen and includes rental cars in different categories and models.
Our agents and staff in Casablanca are available for your requests, for reservation, and to deliver your rental car in Casablanca airport, station or hotel.
We offer regular promotions and price adjustments on all models of car hire in Casablanca, our objective
is to provide to our customers the best value quality / price.
Our rental price include many advantages like delivery to the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, the second conductor and others (see book).
These price are based on a Permanent study of the Market, to provide rental cars to all customers with the best services and prices.
Choose professionals for your rental car in Casablanca while controlling your budget!

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    Très bon service. Ponctualité à l'aéroport. Conseil et serviable. Je ne manquerai pas de vous conseiller à mes amis. Bonne continuation.