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Fez, an ancient moroccan city, was the first imperial capital of the country. It was founded by Idris I – the founder of the kingdom of Morocco, and his son Idris II.

After more than a millennium, Fez always remains the spiritual heart of Morocco. In some parts of the ancient Medina, few things have changed since the medieval period. The ancient palaces, the koranic schools, and the gardens are amongst these magical places for two important festivals in Fez:  » Fez festival of Sufi culture »(April 18-25th, 2015 ) and  » Fez festival of world sacred music » ( May 22-30th, 2015). The majority of tourists who attend these festivals choose to rent cars in Fez to enjoy the city and its surroundings.

The 9th edition theme of the Fez festival of Sufi culture is « The religion of love ». The festival is going to celebrate the life of the famous Sufi scholar, Roumi. Jalaluddin Muhammad Roumi was a poet, legal expert, an Islamic scholar, a theologist and a mystical Persian Sufi from the 13th century. He has been the inspiration for the creation of the Mevlevi Order that practises the Samaa ( or the circular dance), through songs taken from Roumi’s poems.

At this year of Fez festival, there will be some events and round table performances dedicated to the discussion of Roumi’s work, and the Mevlevi Order. The Festival will also pay tribute to Rabiaa al Adawiya (Rabiaa el Basri) who was a saint muslim from the 8th century, and a mystical Sufi from Basra, in Irak.

The festival of Sufi culture relies on moroccan cultural and spiritual traditions, by highlighting the amazigh sufi culture and poetry, and the musical traditions of Al Andalous, the moorish Empire of the medieval age.

Whether you are interested in music, poetry, dance, religion or in the spiritual aspects of the Sufism, the emphasis of this festival on love is powerful and appealing. Fez festival of Sufi culture of this year is going to be a stimulating and an inspiring event!

Fez de festival of Sufi culture is going to take place in Dar Al Batha Palace and at Bab Makina.

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